Thursday, October 22, 2009


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Take Me Seriously

Please don't take me seriously with my last post. Know that I am too sarcastic for my own good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Trying Lots of Thing

I think it's necessary to try lots of things so that you can find the one thing your really great at and enjoy doing the most in those spare moments of the day. I don't want to learn to play the guitar and write country songs just because I saw a documentary on Taylor Swift, or because at a recent visit home to Texas, everyone was playing the guitar and I felt a little left out. I didn't spend $400 dollars on a new sewing serger just because making cute clothes for my daughter and niece was just going to be a one time deal. Noooo, I plan on using it for the rest of my life. Don't forget book club that's the last Thursday of every month and what would I do with out that. Also, I can make the homemade cheese I tried making that once. I ordered ALL the supplies so that I could be the very best cheese maker, even the curd knife. (it sliced my finger open and it's as dull as doorknob) I finally purchased that pink paint I've been promising Presley. I get to repaint her room in yet another color that I'm sure to love this time.I really do get excited seeing all the vegetables coming on in the vegetable garden and the kids love to help me weed it once a week. Just last week I was telling my neighbor Abby "we have to get back to playing tennis like we did that one Thursday two months ago", we promised we would meet every Thursday, you know. I have ambitions to write a novel about this dream I had once. Come to think of it, I am sure I remember my mom buying a brand new typewriter when I was six to begin work on her novel. I have been keeping up on the running. Yep, every morning 6am sharp. I am trying to run through the pain on the tendinitis in my knee but I might have to take a few weeks off to get it healed up nice so I can begin training on those marathons I want to sign up for. Then there is a blog that I am really into. I have set a goal to blog everyday about cute things the kids do and say, with an attached picture. Scrapbooking is a must. Food storage and genealogy, I'm really into that,got to get those things done. I finally found the perfect fabric to recover the breakfast chairs with and I think I might could squeeze that in tomorrow. Well its getting late and I've got to get some rest for my golf lesson tomorrow.

May Pictures with Tiffany Mar

May 2009

First Lake Trip
Spring Spectacular at gymnastics
SlipinNSliding with Eislee
Read-athon at Mrs Gillies kindergarten class

Utah Valley Thunder

Bring The Noise!!!
This was the Utah Thunder's first season at McKay Event Center in Orem and Drycleaning & Beyond were asked to sponsor them. In return we received tickets to all the games, free parking, and some special attention from the cat. Don't ask me why Allen can NOT turn down a football game.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grandmpa's Visit

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Never Thought I'd Say It...

I never thought I would hear mayself saying I love potty training. I know weird huh? Ryan started potty training when he was 2 1/2 in June and I remember thinking " Gosh I hope he doesn't wet his halloween costume." Presley started potty training at almost two (August) and by Christmas time I was finally convinced we were getting some where. Evan started mentioning to me that he was "wet my pants mommy" and I thought, lets give er' a try. One week later he's almost got it. The best part is I dont even care if he's almost got it or not. With his sweet little personality he has made every step in raising him so pleasent. I can't get over how lovely and wonderful he is. Is it wrong to feel like your having a "love affair" with your two year old? You know what I mean right? I just love him so much I just seriously can't stand being without him.

Friday, February 20, 2009

KSL News Story

Dry cleaner offers help to job hunters
February 20th, 2009 @ 10:06pm
By Jed Boal

Most of the economic news these days is dismal, but many Utahns are looking for creative ways they can step up. One Utah County business is determined to help job hunters land a new job.

A crisp, clean look just might mean the difference between a new job and no job, but a dry cleaning bill may seem out of reach if you're out of work.

It's Allen Hakes, owner of Dry Cleaning and Beyond in Utah County, to the rescue! He said, "We feel the pains of our customers. People may be losing jobs with the way the economy is going, looking for new jobs."

When you land the interview, Hakes wants you to look your best on that first impression. He knows he can help you suit up.

"If they're struggling and can't get their suit cleaned, let us clean it for free, make you look good for your interview. Get the next job and come back and see us, give us a chance to do more for you," he said.

The interview process can be nerve-wracking enough as it is. This dry cleaner wants to take one more piece of worry out of the process.

Hakes' staff cleans up to 35,000 suits, shirts, skirts and dresses each month. He operates three locations in Utah County, and next Wednesday will start pick-up service as far away as Delta. He's tired of bad economic news and wants to be part of a solution.

Hakes runs his business with his family and loyal employees, and he wants to extend a hand to customers who make his business go. As he said, "It may be a little thing, but we are trying to do something."


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mistakes, Mishapps, and other Stupid Things I Do

Oh where to start? I have been feeling so dumb lately because of all the stupid things I have been pulling. They have all been "accidental" but I am beginning to get a complex. I asked my family if it was hereditary and it seems to lean in that direction.
Two months ago I backed into a pole shortly after just having it repaired.
One month ago, while trying to download some pictures, I erased the entire memory from Allen's IPhone.
Two weeks ago, I walked away from our ski's leaving them sitting in the parking lot over night.
Last week I dropped my only set of keys from the gondola at the ski resort and Allen had to walk 200 yards down the hill under the basket, digging in the snow, searching for them.
This past Saturday, I ran into yet another poll, this time causing major damage on the drivers side of my car.
What is wrong with me, anyone?
( I will keep you posted of any future mishaps)